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At Vondom we want to guide you towards an ideally interior designed office that boasts a touch of exclusivity. 传统上,办公室一直是千亿体育平台的第二个家, 虽然目前, for some, 千亿体育平台的家变成了千亿体育平台的办公室. It is therefore important that we know how to decorate this space, 让工作更有成效,更愉快.

Offices are made up of many different spaces where different tasks are performed, but at the same time it is possible to conduct these tasks; since workplaces are now designed in such a way that it is possible to work, think, create, interact, 并在所有的办公空间玩得开心.


The reception is a place that welcomes visitors, suppliers and even the workers themselves. It is the first impression that people receive on entering the building, which is why the furniture and decoration of this area must have a great visual impact.

这就是这里的情况 模块化的船帆座沙发 designed by Ramón Esteve being the element that stands out for its straight and simple lines, making it a 极简主义和复杂的家具.

沙发和扶手椅 Blow collection 由Stefano Giovannoni设计的 Bum Bum中央桌 由Eugeni Quitllet. 这是一个很好的例子,证明了作曲的可能性 a waiting room with different elements that result in a modern style mixed with other sober elements.

Meetings are essential for teamwork and the generation of ideas and are usually held in rooms with a large table surrounded by chairs. As we see in the Lenovo offices千亿体育平台看到他们选择了千亿体育平台Delta chairs 由Jorge Pensi设计. This is a piece with simple lines that have resulted in a design with its own identity conceived to coexist in contemporary spaces.


Here we see another example in which the creation of Eugeni Quitllet, the Africa armchair, has been arranged in this room providing elegance, modernity, and simplicity. 它是为了和你的部落在一起而设计的!

自助餐厅是办公室的一个重要空间. 这个空间像房子里的厨房, it is the place where everything important happens or is discussed. It is not the size of a kitchen that matters, but the furniture that is arranged there. Vondom千亿体育手机登陆 是一个很好的选择! 桌子和椅子在千亿体育平台catalogue have an 前卫的设计 这就把任何环境变成了 独家的气氛 and helps to 打破一致性 while 提供舒适和时尚.

休息是提高生产力的必要条件. 52/17法则指导千亿体育平台工作52分钟,然后休息17分钟. It is therefore essential that there are areas in the office where employees can relax, unwind, and have a snack. 取决于可用空间, 这个区域可以在室内或室外, 家具也会相应挑选. 在Vondom,千亿体育平台有几个休息区的例子.

这个办公室里的休息区 已经安装了 Ulm daybed由雷蒙·埃斯提夫(Ramon Esteve)设计. It is an ideal piece of furniture to take a short nap or read a book while 你在工作日休息你的大脑.

Many of the offices in Silicon Valley, where the big tech companies are located, have 操场为员工. 根据神经学家强比曼的说法, playing at work from time to time is highly recommended because having fun activates a certain part of the brain (the anterior cingulate cortex), 当你有好主意的时候,它也会被激活. 在这方面,他们已将千亿体育平台Adan stool, 由Teresa Sapey设计 轮盘赌的椅子它由埃罗·阿尔尼奥(Eero Aarnio)设计. Two ideal elements to entertain and provide a touch of positivism.

Las oficinas de BoZhong, Compañía specializada en el sector metalúrgico, 他可以把temática和área放在一起看 los muebles de vondom. En este caso, es el “espacio” donde se pretende que el empleado se sienta como un astronauta. Es la principal razón por la que los interioristas han seleccionado el mobiliario de la colección Ufo creada por Ora Ïto: sofá, butaca y mesa auxiliar; diseños que son el resultado de “experimentos de mutación genética” entre los lenguajes icónicos de pagodas y ovnis.

The offices of BoZhong, a company specialised in the metallurgical sector, have considered the theme of the area in which Vondom furniture is located. In this case, it is “space”, where the employee is intended to feel like an astronaut. This is the main reason the interior designers have selected the furniture from the UFO collection 由Ora Ïto: sofa创建, armchair and side table; designs that are the result of “genetic transformations” between the iconic styles ​​of pagodas and UFOs.

户外休息区域 需求量最大吗, 因为他们帮助获得新鲜空气, enjoy the sun and are ideal places to improve interpersonal relationships. 这些哥伦比亚办事处选择了 Bum Bum and Stones sofa sets, designed 由Eugeni Quitllet and Stefano Giovannoni, respectively.

最后但同样重要的是,办公室必须考虑 植物作为装饰. 绿色帮助千亿体育平台产生更多的想法, 帮助员工有一个更好的心情, more active, 和更多的启发.

在许多工作空间, planters 用作分隔元素吗.

在其他许多办公室, Vondom planters are decorative elements that provide design, warmth and even well-being.

曲线的,直线的,圆形的,矩形的,多面的 planters make up the green catalogue. 一个伟大的盟友谁想要的专业人士 用植物装饰他们的办公室 并帮助减轻工人的压力.

In short, Vondom设计作品 提供独特的审美创造 带点排他性的现代办公室 and help improve productivity and maintain good spirits in the workforce.

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